Dan Swart, CPA

“Building Extraordinary Companies based on Extraordinary Customer Commitment”

My goal is to provide for my family and my team with hard work, integrity, honesty, respect for others, and fairness in all my business dealings.  And, to do what I can to help others do the same.  To help people elevate their business.

For forty years it has been my privilege to serve owners of privately held companies and help them get what they most desire – success and peace of mind.   The coaching experience provides the clarity for the owner that is essential to successful implementation of any improvement effort.    I also teach simple but super-effective business strategies based on unparalleled customer relationships and economies of flow (rather than economies of scale) that can take you from being a good company to a GREAT company. 

I call this combination of CLARITY and COUNSEL the ‘The Victory Method’ and it is particularly well-suited for the small business owner and my ‘deliverable’ is truly a happier, healthier, wealthier YOU.

What makes me different than other business consultants?  I take the time to address the unique personal needs of the small business owner, not just the mechanics of how to make the business more profitable and run better.  I have found through long experience that using this method will help you make even better decisions and gain greater satisfaction in all aspects of your life.

With 10 years in the psychology world (BA Psychology and Sociology, MSW) and 35+ years as a licensed Certified Public Accountant, I have a unique combination of skills and experience that allows me to help you avoid the pitfalls and blunders.  

I have worked with many interesting and ambitious clients in a wide variety of industries.  From those experiences I learned a very valuable lesson – if the owner grows and develops new perspectives, the business improves and succeeds.  If the owner fails to grow and develop new perspectives, the business fails to improve.   It’s as simple as that.

The business is always a perfect mirror of the confidence and business readiness of the owner.