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See Below for Examples of How You Can Avoid Costly Mistakes Now and Conquer Situations That Are Keeping You Awake at Night

My business 'Deliverable' is a happier, healthier, wealthier YOU

The usual business consulting arrangement places 100% of the effort on changing business processes and procedures in the hopes of making the business run better from an operational perspective.  Zero percent is spent on preparing and equipping the business owner who must implement the changes.

I turn that arrangement on its head.  The Victory Method strengthens the owner AT THE SAME TIME you strengthen the business.  This ensures that the owner has both the perspectives and the resources needed to implement improvements in ways that ensure their personal values and principles are reflected in the company practices.  Otherwise, they are not improvements they’re just changes.

Lesson Learned...

After 5 years in my own business I still wasn't taking a vacation!  Are you suffocating like I was because your business life is now your ONLY life?

IF YOU ARE READY TO GET YOUR LIFE BACK, take the easiest and best step.    Make the call, take action, move yourself and your company forward.

You can't just keep working harder and harder without moving forward - you'll never survive that.

Instead, get your business under your complete control and start living sanely again!

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Lesson Learned...

I had my own successful firm for 30 years.  I chose a mentor who kept me focused and my 'head on straight.'

IF YOU DON'T WANT TO SUFFER THE PAIN AND RISK,  of going it alone, take the easiest and best step.  Make the call, take action, move yourself and your company forward.

Having someone with the right skills and experience reduces the risk of making a serious blunder!

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Lesson Learned...

Part of 'keeping my head on straight' meant building a business that was obsessed with client commitment.  My clients were very happy because they clearly felt they were getting value greater than my fee,  which allowed me to avoid all those unpleasant fee disputes and cash flow problems.

IF YOU DON'T WANT TO LEAVE A HUGE PILE OF CASH ON THE TABLE when you retire, take the easiest step.  Make the call, take action, move yourself and your company forward.

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"A great deal of freedom to shape one's own life requires a high degree of self-orientation and personal responsibility. Those who do not actively develop themselves will be developed by others."
-- Ulrike Ellinger

Opportunity Lost...

We'll call her 'Dorothy.'  Dorothy had several great opportunities, but too many options had her paralyzed.   In her moment of uncertainty she forged ahead trying several strategies at once.  That's at least one too many.  Like the dog chasing two rabbits, she didn't catch either opportunity.

AVOID THIS BLUNDER!  Call Dan today to find out how you can gain the initiative and avoid paralysis by analysis.

The truth is, you need to generate MEANINGFUL options, and even more choices, for your business that lead to direct action and the life you want to live. 

Remember, with the Victory Method, opportunities are not found, they are made.

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Opportunity Lost...

'Ben's' business was growing and he was proud of the progress he had made.  Ben didn't know it but the business had a ticking time-bomb that eventually exploded. 

Given his profitability he was growing TOO FAST!  His profitability wasn't sufficient to sustain his rapid growth. 

He eventually ran out of cash and had to layoff employees and shrink the business - a huge, depressing  embarrassment.

DON'T CRASH AND BURN from too much success!  Call today and find out what your sustainable growth rate really is.

Standing still today is a sure way to be gone tomorrow.  As they say, survival is not mandatory.

Get the sustainable growth your company needs to flourish and prosper and take your rightful place in your business community.

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Opportunity Made...

'Rebecca' had a fabulous opportunity.  She recently purchased the Pet Hospital where she worked as a veterinarian.  The seller gave her a very sweet option to purchase the real estate in 5 years at today's valuation. 

Allowing the option to lapse would be devastating.  If she couldn't afford the option now how could she pay a higher price 5 years later?  Without the real estate, the cost of moving the surgery would be enormous, and the dislocation for clients might be a death blow. to raise the funds to exercise the option?

She reached out and with Dan's guidance she was able to increase sales and profits and in just 18 months she exercised the option, hired an additional vet, reinstated the company retirement plan, and had a lot of happy clients who made that possible.

DON'T MISS THE BOAT WHEN YOUR SHIP FINALLY COMES IN!  Call today if you have an opportunity that just can't be left to wishful thinking. 

Never let a good opportunity go to waste, get the assistance you need!  

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Consciously shape your Company

To create and sustain a company that always reflects your values and principles, we must know ‘who you are, where you want to go, and why.’   People who consciously and actively shape their own world are focused, relaxed and make good decisions. They think, feel and act according to their own standards and are satisfied with themselves and their world.  These people know who they are, where they are going, and why.

The coaching experience allows you to consciously and actively shape your life for yourself.  It is not a ‘second opinion’ or ‘advice’ – those are covered in the consulting sessions.  Coaching offers you a focused framework for your most important ideas and  concerns.  A place to gain clarity about your current life situation .  Guided discussions and improvements in perspective will give you clarity about YOUR wishes, YOUR potential and YOUR priorities.  The habit of consciously developing multiple  perspectives expands the options and choices for you and your business.